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Unfortunately, we no longer carry the Primo Towel Ring from Blomus (SKU#: BFV1415), but here are some Bathroom Accessories you might like:
Bathroom Accessories


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Accessory Sets: Accessory Sets includes several different accessories sold together in a set. For example a soap dispenser, soap dish, toilet brush and toothbrush holder sold as a set is an accessory set.

Bath and Shower Seats: Bath and Shower Seats is a seat designed to fit inside a shower, bath or in the bathroom to allow people to sit down while washing. These are often portable or foldable.

Bath Bridges: Bath Bridges are designed rest across the open area of a bath and hold items for bathing such as toiletries.

Bathroom Containers: Bathroom Containers are a storage container that is intended for use in the bathroom. This includes but is not limited to: cotton swab holders, cotton ball holders and storage baskets, etc.

Bathroom Hooks: Bathroom Hooks are an accessory is for a hook, towel, or robe.

Bathroom Shelves: Bathroom Shelves are intended for use within the bathroom. These are typically made of glass and may have a minimal metal frame.

Grab Bars:Grab Bars are bar used for support inside the shower or bath. These are often utilized by the elderly to ensure safety when entering and exiting the bath or shower.

Hand Towel Dispenser: Hand Towel Dispensers is a dispenser for paper towels.

Razor Holders: A Razor Holder is a holder, hook or container for shaving razors or razor blades.

Shower Caddies: A Shower Caddie is a container or shelf which goes inside the shower in order to hold your soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc.

Soap Dishes: Soap dishes is a dish or holder for a piece of hard soap.

Soap Dispensers: Soap Dispensers are an accessory used to dispense liquid soap with a pump or button.

Tissue Box Covers: Tissue Box Covers are decorative covers for a tissue box.

Toilet Brush Sets: Toilet Brush Sets is a toilet brush or a set of accessories which contains a toilet brush used to clean toilets.

Toilet Roll Holders: Toilet Roll Holders are used to hold toilet paper rolls.

Toothbrush Holders: Toothbrush Holders is a holder to hold toothbrushes.

Tumblers And Tumbler Holders are a cup (or tumbler) and/or a holder for this.

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