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Unfortunately, we no longer carry the Casambrella Umbrella Stand in Black from Progetti (SKU#: EHI1093), but here are some Coat Racks + Hooks you might like:
Coat Racks + Hooks


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Clothes Rails: is designed to hold several items of clothing that hang down from a pole.

Coat Hangers: holds up a coat through more than one point of contact.

Coat Hooks: used to hang coats but are mounted on a wall. These can be a single hook or multiple hooks that are intended to mount on the wall or hang over a door. Multiple hooks may be mounted on a sort of plaque that will attach to the wall.

Coat Stands: are free standing items intended to hang coats or hats. Occasionally these will have an umbrella stand feature at the base.

Umbrella Stands: are designed to hold umbrellas.

Valet Stands: can be used for a coat but can usually hold other items associated with a man's suit. Typical features of valets include trouser hangers, jacket hangers, shoe bars, and a tray organizer for miscellaneous, day-to-day objects like wallets and keys. Some also feature jewelry boxes.

Children's: Select this style if the product features children's themes or is described as suitable for children. Most children themes include trucks, cars, animals bright colors and pinks and blues.

Modern: Select this style if the product features clean lines, sculptural, streamlined, metallic finishes such as nickels and chromes.

Rustic: Select this style if the product features distressed finishes or an outdoor look.

Traditional: Select this style if the product is based on classic, historical design models and is characteristically ornate and decorated. Brass, iron and hand painted wood often appears in this category as well as curving and looping shapes.

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